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Embracing Tradition and Diversity: Ugadi Celebrations at Edify World School Attapur
Edify World School Attapur recently hosted a vibrant and culturally enriching Ugadi celebration, marking...
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Embracing Progressive Education: The Transformative Journey of Edify World School and Its Impact as an International School
In the vibrant tapestry of educational institutions, Edify World School stands out as a beacon of innovation...
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Celebrating National Science Day at Edify World School Attapur: Fostering Curiosity and Innovation
Introduction:National Science Day is an occasion to celebrate the spirit of scientific inquiry, innovation,...
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The Multifaceted Approach of Edify World School Attapur
Introduction:Nestled in the heart of Attapur, Edify World School stands as international educational...
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Edify As A Best International School in Attapur, Hyderabad with its celebrations and activities.
Introduction:In the city of Hyderabad, Edify School stands as a center of educational excellence in Attapur....
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Sankranti Celebrations at Edify World School Attapur: Embracing Telugu Traditions
In the vibrant tapestry of festivities at Edify World School Attapur, Sankranti stands out as a celebration...
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"Edify Extravaganza: A Spectacle of Joy and Learning at Edify World School Attapur Carnival"
Introduction Edify World School Attapur recently played host to a spectacular carnival that transformed...
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Exploring Beyond Boundaries: Edify World School's International Expedition to Singapore
Embarking on an international trip is a transformative experience for students, opening doors to diverse...
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Exploring Beyond the Classroom: Profound Benefits of School Field Trips
What do you remember from school? What caused you to be who you are today? Chances are, a group project,...
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Advantages of CBSE Education: Edify World School Attapur
Choosing the right education board for your child is a pivotal decision that can significantly impact...
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Independence Day
Celebrating the essence of freedom and unity! Our Independence Day event was a magnificent fusion of...
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mun (1)
Across two dynamic days, our MUN conference unfolded with passion and purpose. Day 1 began with symbolic...
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Bonalu festival
Bonalu is a folk festival celebrated in the Telangana region. The Students of IK3 were all dressed up...
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Investiture Ceremony_03
Investiture Ceremony
Witness the Majestic Investiture Ceremony filled with resplendent performances, honor, and significance....
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Yoga Day_05
Yoga Day
Yoga is not just about being fit in terms of physique but also harnessing the power within to have a...
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Makar Sankranti is an important festival in most parts of India. Festival theme activities are the best...
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Children's Day Celebrations
A day marking childhood and to make this event a memorable one for the children. Edify World School celebrated...
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How to Select Best International School for Your Children?
Today, the all-encompassing strategy for giving schooling is the main means to make your children totally...
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Diwali Celebrations at Edify
The festival of lights came alive at The Edify School on 22nd October 2022. when the whole school wore...
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