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Sports Education Programme

Fitness First!

The Sports Education Program (SEP) is unique to Edify schools and emphasizes on the development of knowledge, attitudes and skills related to a single sport at a time and includes physical and health related activities. Students choose one sport from those offered and learn the skills in that sport during a designated time (thrice a week) for a year. At the end of the year, they are able to display the key skills and attitudes required for that sport. The SEP is different from the regular games period for each class.

Through the school sports program students:

  • Gain knowledge on body control and spatial awareness
  • Master new skills and techniques through a variety of physical activities
  • Manipulate sports equipment or apparatus
  • Recognize the importance of fair play and sportsmanship
  • Understand how strategies can assist when participating in physical activities and ultimately in life.
  • Learn co-operative behavior in order to function as part of a team
  • Use proper safety precautions when engaging in physical activities


The schools may offer a variety of sport activities like swimming, basketball, football, volleyball, chess, handball, netball, karate, cricket, skating, lawn tennis, table tennis, badminton, etc. The students are also exposed to opportunities to participate in varied recreational programs that include gymnastics, aerobics, yoga, athletics and exercise.