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It is recognized that effective learning does not always take place exclusively in the classroom. To broaden learning horizons and to ensure students can develop in their areas of interest, various clubs are conducted during zero periods. Each club in school tries to provide enrichment activities in their own unique way. Clubs are perhaps one of the most anticipated programs at EDIFY giving opportunities to students to develop their skills in their areas of interest.

Club Portfolio Options could be:

1. Literary Club

This club nurtures a love for language, promotes literary interests and activities on campus, encouraging students to analyze both reading and writing perspectives. Creative self-expression, articulation of ideas through word play and creative collaborations hone confidence in the students and are the very essence of the club.

2. Visual Arts Club

The club encourages students to bring their imagination to life by creating experiences that develop the knowledge of materials and processes as starting points for creative exploration through paint, paper, even sculpture and pottery. The club invites students to perceive colors, shapes, textures and designs differently.

3. Performing Arts Club

Through the mediums of dance, drama and theatre, the club fuses elements of performance to nurture a love for active expression in the students. Narrative dance-forms, plays and performances are given original interpretations through the club. The Club is open to contemporary, classical and western per formative modes and provides a platform for students to excel in the form of their choice.

4. Music Club

Besides accommodating and cultivating a diverse range of musical tastes, the club also provides voice-coaching, sessions in musical notation, opportunities to learn to play instruments and compose original scores.

5. ECO Sustainability Club

This club encourages students to identify, learn about and adopt sustainable practices that contribute towards conserving the environment. The club also provides a platform for students to take considerable action through awareness campaigns, movements and drives that aim to sensitize the local community about the need to go green.

6. Community & Human Society

The club actively nurtures the altruistic streak in our students by encouraging them to understand and act on their responsibility towards the community at large. This involves students actively participating in, and even initiating drives and outreach programs that focus on empowering and assisting those less privileged than themselves, honing a wide array of skills during the process.

7. Design and Technology

The club promotes learning of designing concepts through tools of modern technology such as Photoshop, Animation, etc to understand, innovate and create design and product prototypes. The basic principles of design and technology are introduced to the students who then experiment collaboratively using models and test pages.

8. Cuisine Club

The Cuisine Club fosters the love of cooking and culinary innovation in our students. Students are encouraged to experiment with flameless cooking including salads, entrees and desserts from cuisines around the world, developing a nuanced understanding of flavor, texture and technique in cooking.

9. MUN Club

The Model United Nations Club gives students hands-on experiences of simulating the proceedings of the UNO, through discussions and deliberation. Students are exposed to the Rules of Procedure in a practical way and engage with issues of global concern. Mock MUNs also prepare them to tackle MUNs at the school level.

The list is endless and schools are encouraged to offer at least 6 club activities.