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School Management

Shree Karthikeya Educational Society

Shree Karthikeya Educational Society is formed by young, dynamic and highly qualified professionals in Administration and Educational field. The society members have vast experience in education for over a decade now in successfully running a CBSE School and PreSchool.

Shree Karthikeya Educational Society has been founded to provide world-class educational facilities in schools and to offer an International curriculum, with the state-of-the-art infrastructure of global standards.

It aims to establish a world-class school by providing enough opportunities to the students to enhance their knowledge, develop their personality and acquire physical and social capabilities.



Mr. RAJESHWAR REDDY (Chairman & Managing Director) has expertise based on several years of valuable management experience in the field of Education and IT sector.

Set on the footsteps of the excellent guidance and mentorship from the family, he has received quality education and pursued his higher education. He is a successful software engineer by profession and has been scaling new heights for the past 10 years in the field of education. He has comprehensive understanding of educational scenarios & stakeholder aspirations at all levels of K-12 education.

Message by the Chairman

I have come to realize that education alone without conscience and values could bring much harm to the world. I believe that education is one of the man’s greatest transformative powers that need to be constantly honed and improved.

Having embarked on the journey of our venture “EDIFY WORLD SCHOOL – A CBSE & CAMBRIDGE School in Hyderabad”, my broad aim is to redefine formal education and promote international understanding through it. Education has to be made relevant to the global needs of our time and should bring tremendous value to the society.

I believe that “Success follows those who follow their heart” even though we face adversity in the environment around us which poses challenges in realizing the goals. Through it all, the focus of EDIFY WORLD SCHOOL, ATTAPUR is to offer 360º development of students by providing a nurturing environment with sufficient real world exposure and opportunities.



Mrs. HARITHA REDDY is an academician for over a decade in the field of education at multiple levels. She worked as a Teacher, as Head Mistress, as Assistant Vice Principal and Vice-Principal Administration. She has put in 10 years of qualitative service in CBSE schools and Preschools.

She believes the best gift that can be given to anybody is ‘Quality Education’. If proper education is provided, proper values, knowledge, wisdom, prosperity and other skills are in turn acquired by the children. She says that the beginning of the academic cycle, like the cycle of the seasons, brings along the feeling of ecstasy and hope.

Message by the Director

I am delighted to introduce EDIFY WORLD SCHOOL, ATTAPUR to you. The school is the realization of a dream to redefine the ways to impart education so that teaching and learning becomes more effective and enjoyable. We aim to be the leader in preparing and inspiring the next generation leaders. We believe in empowering our wards with the ability to think, participate, discover and excel. We take pride in our commitment to provide exceptional learning facilities and opportunities for the advancement of students from varied backgrounds.

The school has top educationalists and visionaries of India on its Board. The curriculum balances the development of essential skills with a focus on understanding, exploring and creating. Aligned with the key principles of the NEP 2020, EDIFY WORLD SCHOOL, ATTAPUR, is preparing students to excel at the global front. The school encourages and supports the SDG goals and truly lives the vision and mission of Edify!